Friday, December 28, 2007

Field Guide to the Mammals of Bhutan

A Field Guide to the Mammals of Bhutan is a richly illustrated guide to the more than 200 species of mammals found in Bhutan.

179 pages, color photos and illustrations, distribution maps

The book is best described as "a rich reposisitory of the kingdom's mammals in all its diversity."

The illustrations are in color and useful in the field for accurately identifying mammals.

The written information provides concise physical descriptions and measurements. A distribution map accompanies each species description showing the distribution range of each species in Bhutan. Additional information on behaviour, habitat, and specific conservation issues are included along with conservation threats and IUCN status.

Additional insights are provided into the diverse mammal species in Bhutan including endemic species and endangered species like the golden langur, rhinoceros, snow leopard and tiger. The last pages contain a checklist for easy reference with illustrations on size, tracks and a common name and scientific name index.
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